Last edited: 17th June 2023

This Privacy Policy constitutes a part of Bitbarter Terms of Use (the “TOU”). The terms used in this Privacy Policy shall have the same meanings as in the TOU except as otherwise provided herein.

This Privacy Policy explains how Bitbarter and Bitbarter Operators collect, use, process, disclose, share, transfer, and protect user’s personal information obtained through the BitBarter’s platform and its partners. The terms “we”, “us”, and “our” refer to Bitbarter and Bitbarter Operators. When we ask for certain personal information from users, it is because we are required by applicable laws or government orders to collect such information and/or it is relevant for our specified operational purposes.

Please carefully read the full content of this Privacy Policy. When visiting Bitbarter, regardless of whether or not you register for or log in the Bitbarter Services, you acknowledge, understand, and consent to all articles described in this Privacy Policy.

Please note that Bitbarter Services available on our website and mobile app are not intended for minors below the age of 18 years and we do not knowingly collect data relating to minors.

We will not use your personal information for any purpose not covered in this Privacy Policy or the TOU (including any other business rules of Bitbarter) without prior notification to you and your consent.

This Privacy Policy has incorporated elements from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Nigerian Data Protection Regulation (NDPR). We utilize standard contract clauses, rely on the European Commission's adequacy decisions about certain countries, as applicable, and obtain your consent for these data transfers to third countries if required by applicable laws.


The followings are the types of information we collect when you register for and use Bitbarter Services:

1.1 Information You Provide to Us When Registering

When you create a Bitbarter Account, you provide us with your email address, name, date of birth, nationality, ZIP code, country code, gender, utility bills, home address, password, and other information to help us identify you (“Identification Information”). You can also choose to add a phone number for SMS or Google Authenticator account for Two-Factor Authentication to improve account security.

If you agree to use biometric authentication methods to log in or use Bitbarter services, such as fingerprint recognition and facial recognition, you need to provide us with the corresponding information, such as the fingerprint information and facial information, and your consent to the processing of your biometric data.

1.2 Information We Collect to Comply with Regulatory Policies

To comply with global industry regulatory standards, local industry regulatory standards, and government orders in different aspects such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know-Your-Client (KYC), and Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF), Bitbarter is required to collect personal information in addition to Identification Information, such as identity documents (including passport, driver's license, national identity card, state ID card, tax ID number, passport number, driver's license details, national identity card details, visa information, etc.), proof of address, source of fund declaration, purposes of fund documents, and source of wealth “Regulation Information”). We will explain to you the content and requirements of such personal information each time we collect information and we reserve the right to change the content and requirements of the collected information as the global industry regulatory standards, local regulatory standards or government orders change. This provision applies to both personal, merchant and institutional Bitbarter Accounts.

1.3 Information We Collect as You Use Bitbarter Services

  1. Service Usage Information

Through your access to and use of Bitbarter Services, we may monitor and collect tracking information related to usage including but not limited to your phone number, access date and time, device type and device identification, operating system and hardware setting, browser type, and information derived from SIM card, network operator, IP address, GPS, base station and WLAN(“Service Usage Information”). This information may be directly obtained by Bitbarter or through third-party service providers. The collection of Service Usage Information helps our systems to ensure that our interface is accessible for users across all platforms and can aid during criminal investigations.

  1. Transaction Information

For all personal, merchant and institutional user accounts, we may collect transaction information as you use Bitbarter Services, including but not limited to deposit snapshots, account balances, trade history (such as transaction initiation, payment method, price, quantity, time, withdrawal and authorization information), order activity, and distribution history “Transaction Information”. We collect such transaction information to monitor suspicious trading activity for user fraud protection, legal case resolution, and any other purposes disclosed in this Privacy Policy.

  1. Communication Information

You agree that, for the purposes disclosed in this Privacy Policy, we are entitled to collect and use the information contained in or related to the communication that you send to us or generated through your use of Bitbarter Services( “Communication Information”) which includes:

  1. all messages, requests or other information you send in the course of your contact with Bitbarter;
  2. all communications and file attachments in connection with your transactions with other users or other data generated primarily through your communications with them.

d. Financial Information:

You agree that, for the purposes disclosed in this Privacy Policy, we are entitled to collect and use the information contained in or related to your financial information when you use Bitbarter Services, including without limitation, bank account information, payment card details, transaction history, trading data, and/or tax identification. We collect such financial information to monitor suspicious financial activity for user fraud protection, legal case resolution, and any other purposes disclosed in this Privacy Policy.